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Truth and Bright Water

Truth and Bright Water

By: Thomas King

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Upon its publication fifteen years ago, Thomas King's acclaimed Truth and Bright Water confirmed him as one of our wittiest and wisest writers. The novel tells the story of two young cousins and one long summer. Tecumseh and Lum live in Truth, a small American town, and Bright Water, the reserve across the border and over the river. Family is the only reason most of the people stay in the towns, and yet old secrets and new mysteries keep pulling the more nomadic residents back to the fold.

Monroe Swimmer, famous Indian artist, returns to live in the old church with the hope of painting it into the prairie landscape and re-establishing the buffalo population. Tecumseh's Aunt Cassie has come back too, already arguing with his mother. Why has his mother given Cassie a suitcase full of baby clothes? And why is Lum interested only in winning the Indian Days race?

Tecumseh has more questions than anyone will answer, until the Indian Days festival arrives and the mysteries of the summer collide in love, betrayal and reconciliation. Equally plainspoken and poetic, comic and poignant, Truth and Bright Water is a crackling good story that resonates with universal truths.

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Genre: Fiction

Format: Paperback

Pages: 288

Publisher: Harper Perennial

Published Date:

Language: English

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