Hi! I'm Candice - Owner of Ink Drinker's Booktique!

I love reading, books, talking books, and finding great deals.

I should tell you that I was not always the sole person behind this awesome business name. I started on this journey with my bestie, Kristen, when we were feeling a lack of book store and library options where we live. In fact, though we did a lot of co-dreaming...Kristen was the one that said "we are doing this"...And THIS we did.

Kristen has since stepped away to solely be a shopper and cheerleader but I wasn't ready to let go of the passion. So here we are today, in June 2023, with me as your Shepard leading the way to some great deals and awesome reads. :)

I try hard to stay in the loop of what is hip, what is trending, what people want, offering a diverse selection, and connecting with you - hopefully, my loyal shoppers.

I encourage you to reach out to me anytime to say hi. Give Ink Drinker's a follow on social media to see where I'll be at and come say hi in person. I'd love to meet you and talk books.

Lastly, if there's ever anything you are looking for and can't find, please let me know. I'll keep my eyes out for it and do a call out to my followers to see if I can source it for you. This also gives me an idea of what readers want to ensure I carry a diverse selection of books.

Stay tuned for some other changes/additions over the summer, leading to fall/Christmas season.

Thank you for reading!

- Candice

Our Product Selection Process

We take product selection seriously!

It’s our guarantee that we put every effort possible into selecting quality products that meet our standards and think you will love.

When choosing which books to fill our shelves, we look for:

  • Books in excellent condition
  • Books with buzz
  • Book to screen adaptations
  • Books we have read or have on our personal wishlists

You will notice our Gift Boutique is currently empty. Our primary focus at this time is to build our book selection. That said, we are actively and carefully curating merchandise to fill this section with products we hope you will love. You can expect these products to be:

  • Literary and bookish themed
  • Mostly local or Canadian sourced
  • Library themed housewares or decor

How We Shelve and Price Our Books

All previously read books on this site have been carefully hand-selected by both of us. Each book is photographed so you can see the book you will receive!

We do our best to make sure we have categorized and priced them fairly according to these standards:

  • Premium Picks: books in like-new condition that we consider new releases (released 2020 or after) and are priced at $10.00
  • Perfect Picks: books in like-new condition that have been released in 2019 or before and are priced at $7.00
  • Almost Perfect Picks: books that we consider to be in great condition but upon closer inspection may have imperfections like writing, discoloration, bent spine, or handling wear and are priced at $5.00
  • Shelf Busters: books that we consider to be in less than almost perfect condition OR have been taking up too much space on the shelf for too long. All Shelf Busters are priced at $2.00 all the time! That's a heck of a deal!

All Brand-New Bargain Books are also carefully curated by us with you in mind! These books are discounted books sourced from a reputable Canadian outlet distributor and may show some minor markings, stickers, or signs of handling wear. For this reason, all books in this category are NOW priced at $10.00 or LESS!

We are also excited to introduce our growing Box Sets and Collections category! This category will include used and new pre-packaged or currated collections and will be priced as a set.