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The Accidental Further Adventures of the Hundred-Year-Old Man

The Accidental Further Adventures of the Hundred-Year-Old Man

By: Jonas Jonasson, Rachel Willson-Broyles

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What's next for Allan Karlsson? Turns out this centenarian has a few more adventures in store . . .

It all begins with a hot air balloon trip and three bottles of champagne. Allan and Julius are ready for some spectacular views, but they’re not expecting to land in the sea and be rescued by a North Korean ship, and they could never have imagined that the captain of the ship would be harboring a suitcase full of contraband uranium, on a nuclear weapons mission for Kim Jong-un. Yikes!

Soon Allan and Julius are at the center of a complex diplomatic crisis involving world figures from the Swedish foreign minister to Angela Merkel and President Trump. Needless to say, things are about to get very, very complicated.

Another hilarious, witty, and entertaining novel from bestselling author Jonas Jonasson that will have readers howling out-loud at the escapades and misfortunes of its beloved hundred-year-old hero Allan Karlsson and his irresistible sidekick Julius.

Critical Praise


"Uproarious. ... Jonasson’s clever prose, madcap delights, and satirical political commentary will please fans of the original novel and newcomers alike." — Publishers Weekly

"Delightful nonsense that will lift a lot of spirits."
Kirkus Reviews

“Imaginative, laugh-out-loud . . . a brilliant satire on the foibles of mankind.” — <em>The Telegraph</em>

“Eccentric, unusual and far-fetched in the best possible way.” — <em>The Bookseller</em>

“[A] witty caper. ★★★1/2” — <em>People</em>

"If you’re in the mood for some hearty belly laughs, pick up this sequel ... The book is full of irreverence, absurdities, silliness and, yes, even intelligence. It attacks today’s politics and political leaders with a vengeance." —

"Jonasson’s sequel to his international bestseller picks up the threads of Allan’s earlier life, adding intricate plots and a set of adventures worthy of his charming and beloved protagonist. Readers will find this a welcome visit from an old friend that’s filled with laugh out-loud hijinx as well as thought-provoking and timely satire on the current state of the world and the perils of power." — Booklist

"If you’d like another interpretation of today’s politics, something to chuckle at and just a good yarn, consider The Accidental Further Adventures of the 100-Year-Old Man. ... The story keeps the pages turning. A fun read." — San Francisco Book Review

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ISBN: 9781443455558

Genre: Fiction

Format: Paperback

Pages: 448

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Published Date:

Language: English

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