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Tell Me Everything

Tell Me Everything

By: Sarah Enni

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Social media meets Amélie in this perfect romantic comedy from debut YA author Sarah Enni!

Your secret's safe...until it's not

Ivy's always preferred to lay low, unlike her best friend Harold, who has taken up a hundred activities as sophomore year begins. But Ivy has her own distraction: the new anonymous art-sharing app, VEIL.

Being on the sidelines has made Ivy a skilled observer, and soon she discovers that some of the anonymous posters are actually her classmates. While she's still too scared to put her own creations on the app, Ivy realizes that she can contribute in an even better way - by making gifts for the artists she's discovered. The acts of kindness give her such a rush that, when Ivy suspects Harold is keeping a secret, she decides to go all in. Forget gifts - Harold needs a major party.

But when her good intentions thrust her into the spotlight, Ivy's carefully curated world is thrown into chaos. Now she has to find the courage to stand out...or risk losing everything and everyone she loves most.

"A timely examination of social media and the importance of self-expression. A truly special debut — I loved every single page!" — Courtney Summers, author of Sadie

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Genre: Fiction

Format: Paperback

Pages: 330

Publisher: Dundurn

Published Date:

Language: English

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