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Secret Societies and Creepy Cults

Secret Societies and Creepy Cults

By: Jonathan J. Moore


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Product Specifications

ISBN: 9780857625977

Genre: Non-Fiction

Format: Paperback

Pages: 224

Publisher: New Burlington Books

Published Date:

Language: English

An eye-opening history of the most dangerous secret organizations

Secret Societies and Crazy Cults takes readers on a dark journey into the mysterious worlds of some of history’s most dangerous and secretive groups. From religious sects eagerly awaiting the end of the world to modern-day criminal organizations living outside the law, this book sheds some light on the groups who don’t want to be seen.

What is it that has driven humans to gather in secret since the dawn of time, to hide their labors from their fellow man? This book goes all the way back to the Iron Age to find out, charting a violent history full of human sacrifices, political killings, zealous priests, and mystic prophets. From underground orders to frenzied death-cults, all kinds of secret organizations are found within, be they on the fringes of society or at the very heart of power. Richly illustrated and full of shocking surprises, this book may make you reassess just what goes on in the shadows.

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