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Lavender Eye Pillow - Grey

Lavender Eye Pillow - Grey

By: Jagged Little Pillows

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Lavender Eye Pillows are great for relaxing those tired little eyes of yours.
Simply lie back, place the bag over your eyeballs and RELAX!
Pillow can also be placed on your forehead or back of neck for headache and stress relief.
Great for Yoga, Meditation and Bean Bag Toss!


▲ Each Pillow is filled with organic flax seeds locally grown in Manitoba and dried organic Lavender buds.

▲ Hand sewn pure linen outer bag with cotton removable filled insert.

▲The therapeutic properties of the lavender and the weight of the flax seeds are perfect to help relieve headaches. Lavender is also known to alleviate stress and anxiety, as well as provides an overall feeling of well-being to aid better sleep and relaxation.

▲ These eye pillows are handmade with hands, which means that they may have slight variations and imperfections, making them one of a kind!

▲ Dimensions: 8.5″x4″


Place pillow on a clean surface in microwave.
Heat for second increments until warm to the touch.
Test before placing on eyes or skin.
DO NOT OVERHEAT you little weirdo!


Place pillow in a sealed bag in your freezer and use as needed.

Cover can be removed, hand washed with hands and layed flat to dry.
The inner pouch containing the lavender and flaxseed is not washable.
When not in use, store in dry, cool place in a plastic bag or airtight container.
If the scent fades over time, simply rough up the pillow a little, to help bring out the aroma again, or add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the inner bag.

Eye pillows are a great travel accessory because they are small and light weight and they also make a wonderful gift for your friends and family!

Vibrant, modern, and humorous (maybe even a little ironic at times), our pillows will inject personality and fun into your home.
Our custom pillows and home wares are built to last, mix and match and make you smile!

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