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Grand Avenue

Grand Avenue

By: Joy Fielding

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Eliciting the prowess and appeal of Big Little Lies long before it existed, Grand Avenue is a tale of four women and the bonds of friendship that sustained them for twenty years, through marriage, motherhood--and murder.

Looking back, it seemed like paradise--lives filled with the blessings of friendship, marriage, children and career. Over twenty years, four friends shared everything through good times and bad, and together they faced the challenges of life and love head on. Now, one of their number sits alone to ponder the strange twists and turns of fate and the unpredictability of circumstance. She must sift through each of their pasts to discover exactly what went wrong, how dreams turned to nightmares, how friendships faded and how lives were destroyed.

In this powerful novel, Joy Fielding explores the bonds women forge, the nature of friendships, and the meaning of unconditional love.

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Genre: Fiction

Format: Paperback

Pages: 496

Publisher: Anchor Canada

Published Date:

Language: English

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