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I meeeeeaaannn......if you have used any of these products, you know you are not only getting quality but, luxury. I once craved a London Fog for months because the Lemon Lavender soap smelled like a London Fog to me. I was elated to discover that Tim Hortons started carrying them but it was much easier on my wallet! 

Haven't heard of SOAK? Here's their mission!

"At SOAK Bath Co we strive to create a positive and welcoming environment where our team and our audience can feel amazing using our all natural products. Not only do we create products that make our skin feel great, we allow our audience to get a glimpse at the day to day behind the scenes of running a business. Sharing the true challenges of what it means to pursue a dream while allowing everyone to come along for the ride!

We strive to use packaging and ingredients that are sustainable for our planet. You'll find this exceptionally represented in our handmade, luxury soap bars. Each of our soap bars are wrapped with biodegradable, plantable seed paper labels. You can plant our soap labels and they will grow into wildflowers!"

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