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I can just smell these beautiful, warm, natural scents through the screen. If you are looking for something to set 'just the right mood', look no more. These will take you there. When I visited the shop and smelled the scents in person, I was continually in awe at how beautiful the scents were. I mean, it likely helped that Dan is so incredibly knowledgable and clearly passionate about making quality, beautiful products - As my friend described it, I have never heard anyone talk about candles like a fine wine. Feel free NOT to buy these so my office space continues to smell delicious constantly (obviously JK!). 

Here's what Farmer's Son has to say about their brand: 

Small batch crafted by hand in our Winnipeg lab & creative space.

"Integrity. Craftsmanship. Detail.

The farmer’s son may have chosen a different path than the generations before him, but he still understands the importance of building a life based on hard work, authenticity and the honest values demonstrated by his parents and grandparents. Instilled at an early age, these traits just stick when you’re from a farm.

Farmer’s Son Co. has been built on these said traits. Quality products created with integrity, craftsmanship and high attention to detail.

All Farmer’s Son Co. candles are designed, custom formulated and hand poured in small batches within our Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada studio."

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